We have developed some clients that provides Webservices functionality to desktop application. The client establishes online connection to webservice provider and transfers data.

Babel Fish translator

Simple application that enables text translation among English, German, Frech, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian languages. Note that Babel Fish web support also Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages but due a mistake in Webservice server implementation in UTF-8 support these languages are unavailable.


Simple online Microsoft Word to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) conversion command line utility (no user GUI reaction is required). Converted PDF document may be optionaly returned in email attachment. For-free registration is required. Note that Antiword and Ghostscript are used at server side.

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babel-fish-translator.zip623.85 KB2006-05-04 08:52
Webservices client for Babel Fish Translator online service.
doc2pdf.zip400.25 KB2006-05-04 08:52
Webservices client for doc2pdf online service.