All of our software is available on a try-before-you-buy basis. Anyone may request a free version of the software under no obligation for further purchase. The free version is designed to be "fully functional" containing all the functions and features of the full software with some limitations and incentives to purchase a license. The nature of the difference between the trial and real versions is subject to change from time to time.


We respect our customers' privacy and handles all customer information with the greatest of care. We do not share your information with other companies without your permission, or use it ourselves beyond the reaonsable support of the products or services you have purchased from us. We will share with you occassional upgrade announcements. You can be sure that any additional spam or telemarketing did not originate from the information you shared with us!


We are dedicated to providing the best support possible to our customers. We provide support to anyone who is using our products but we have to prioritize support service in favor of paid customers.

The primary method of support is by email. E-mail is the fastest and most thorough way to get support. We also provide IM support on demand.

Payment options


Global e-commerce provider for software and shareware sales via the Internet located in Germany, subsidiary in USA. Payment using all major credit cards with online authorization, check wire transfer, cash or purchase order, billing in various currencies. Invoice is issued on behalf of Share-it.com (domiciled in Germany), EU private customers are charged by 16% VAT, for EU business customers with VAT ID and non-EU customers VAT is not charged.

Bank transfer to Czech bank

We accept payment by wire transfer to our bank account. However, we require that all transfer fees imposed by your bank be paid by you up front. Contact us and we'll send you proforma (invoice) in PDF format.

Shop items

ProductItemPrice in USD
BoomerangBMG299Buy using Share*It! 
BoomerangBMG Pro399Buy using Share*It! 
BoomerangEMI299Buy using Share*It! 
BoomerangEMI Pro399Buy using Share*It! 
BoomerangGDEP Pro399Buy using Share*It! 
BoomerangGSM Lite25Buy using Share*It! 
BoomerangGSM Standard199Buy using Share*It! 
Interbase Replication SuiteSupport per hour50Buy using Share*It! 
Interbase Replication Suite 1.6Full source code299Buy using Share*It! 
Interbase Replication Suite 1.6SDK149Buy using Share*It! 
Interbase Replication Suite 2.xProfessional499Buy using Share*It! 
Interbase Replication Suite 2.xSDK Enterprise999Buy using Share*It! 
Interbase Replication Suite 2.xSDK Enterprise-Upgrade 1.6 Full149Buy using Share*It! 
Interbase Replication Suite 2.xSDK Standard199Buy using Share*It! 


Though we test our software quite thoroughly, customers do occasionally encounter a bug. Please report bugs immediately. Do not assume someone else has reported it or it may go overlooked. We take all bug reports seriously and address them as thoroughly and as promptly as possible. In most cases, a serious bug can be fixed and an update posted for download on this web site. Upgrades for bug fixes are always free (see following section).


We post bug-fix upgrades on the web site often. The upgrades are typically very minor in terms of adding functionality and are primarily intended to fix a reported problem. Customers can receive these upgrades without charge. These mini-releases happen often, sometimes monthly or more, depending on the nature of the bugs. Therefore the customer should check back from time to time to see if a new version is available. We will not notify customers of these updates unless they are very serious. If you encounter a bug, try downloading the "latest and greatest" to see if it's already fixed. The most of products distributed in source code form are available for instant download now. You will obtain access to private download area where latest package may be downloaded.

Major upgrades will be offered to you at a discount rate. The amount of the upgrade discount varies greatly based on the product and the package purchased.

Customers should check our web site occasionally for bug fix releases. When significant upgrades become available customers will be notified. Upgrade notifications are usually done by e-mail so customers should attempt to keep their e-mail address current with us.


When your order is approved and contains all necessary information, you will be provided with registration and activation keys or access to private download area. The data are usually shipped immediately in email.

Country of Merchant Domicile

Czech republic