The Boomerang library accelerates the integration of SMS and EMS messaging into custom application. Developers can use it for rapid development message transmission services via numerous world-wide GSM operators.

DBMoney for Delphi

DBMoney is library that enables access to tables of EIS Money 2000 SE/S3 of the CIGLER SOFTWARE, a.s. company.

IB SQL Monitor

Developer's tool for SQL command monitoring and profilling.

Interbase Replicator

In many cases data of an enterprise are not stored in one database but they are distributed to more locations. Replication engine try to maintain data in each of databases as synchronous as possible. To be replication efficient, the engine catches only data changes and passes them to the other databases.

Netfilter RTP Proxy

The netfilter xtables module called xt_RTPPROXY enables connecting two RTP/RTCP clients where at least one is hidden behind the NAT and have no public IP address.

Screen Capture & OCR

It captures image from custom area of desktop and passes is to GNU OCR engine Tesseract (