Developing platforms

From beginning was development provided on Borland/Inprise developing platform. Across Turbo Pascal 4, 5, 6, Borland Pascal 7, Turbo Assembler, Borland C, Delphi reach to the Delphi 5/6. Object oriented techniques are thoroughly used in our Pascal libraries. We offer complex solution of information systems for Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT and Linux from analysis, developing, installation, training as far as support.

Prefered SQL database server is Oracle or Interbase. Another databases as MS Access, Gupta etc. are also possible, of course. For simpler single user application is preffered file database dBase (or Paradox), where is easy to do import do commercial software (MS Excel, Word, etc.). Besides client/server architecture we're able develop also application servers based on COM, DCOM, automation technology.

Besides the application level we are capable to develop software at the system and the Windows API level. To the first sphere belongs for example mastering of the protected mode in DOS extender environment (GDT, LDT, IDT, memory mapping) which is necessary condition for real time critical applications. To the second sphere belongs the asynchronous communication library, the file mapping, the TAPI libraries and so on.

By microchip programming we're focusing to Z80, 8051 and mainly to the RISC Atmel chips.

Lastly we expand our activity to the internet technologies based on Linux - PHP, XSL, XML. In this case is prefered database mySQL.

Another sphere is system integration of finacial information system Money 2000/S3 to the current company IS.