Company profile

2p plus, s.r.o. company was established in autumn of 1994. First was focused to the computer consulting and other services in the information technology branch. We are able to manage local area networks and servers on Novel, Windows and now Linux platform. Less but indispensable part of our activity is hardware and parcel software supply.

However our activity has transformed step by step to the application software development.

Company was founded by two graduates of the Czech Technical University in Prague - Jan Janik and Tomas Mandys. Company foundation was actually delegation of their previous activity to partnership. In the past they've developed a number of commercial applications, for an example software for pressure boiler revisions and contract registration for the Thomayer hospital, data collecting from technology lines in Metalworks of Vitkovice, ECG medical software, EEG data collecting and displaying for Institute of Maternity in Prague-Podoli. ECG project enabled data collecting of up to 12 probes in real time and its displying, filtering, compressing, storing and the diagnosis determination. First highly succesfull version, that was realized hunderts of installations, follewed next comfortable version. For success we had to come through the signal processing in real time, which was particuraly difficult in protected mode of processor.

Next considerable project was real time collecting of data from beverage line of the TOMA company. Here concerned of client/server IS working on SQL ralational database.

From database application is worth noticed information system for Wer Liefert Was? - international B2B catalog publisher - company. Here was fundamental transfer and remote data synchronization among sales representatives and subsidiaries.

Thenceforward Michal Matyska arrival expanded our activity also Linux platform - server installation and configuration, SQL databases, software development, networking.

Since 1998 we broke into progressive sphere of the GSM mobile communication. The fundamental is data transafer for both industry and home utilization. It bears on the microchip application development and the hardware design. For this sphere we developed extensive communication libraries and tools - for modem communication, for communication using BMG service Eurotel SK, SMS Connect and M2M Premium SMS services of Eurotel CZ and also for SMS Direct service of T-Mobile (Paegas). Since Oskar Connect and GDEP protocol of Orange Slovakia are supported, we can provide rapid implementation to any 3rd party custom application.

TV audience monitoring(ATO) project demonstrates successful implementation of GSM communication into vast project. Our company has developed complex software for collecting TV data from household members. The system includes microchip software for household devices and software for distributed collecting central that receives and commits data to final statistic evaluation.

Furthermore we're concerning in the independent developer libraries and tools, for example former grafical object oriented library in Turbo Vision style (but in graphic mode) and nowadays the components for Delphi platform.

We are member of the Borland Technology Partner developer group.