override the despatcher number ?


it is possible to override the despatcher number ? i want to send some service informations to some costumer and i want a text as despatcher number. it is posible or override the provider gateway this change ?

according to my opinion, the despatcher number is set by the TGSM-Component ?

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Despatcher number ?

What do you mean by "despatcher number" ? tomas

despatcher number = if i

despatcher number = if i send you a SMS with my mobile phone, you will see my number, this is the "despatcher number".

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Hmm, AFAIK it's OA=originating address. There is no field in PDU relating to OA when sending message, it's set by operator.

it is maybe possible to add

it is maybe possible to add a text as a despatcher number ? if i receive a SMS from the boomerang libery, i see a text as number ?