List index out of bounds(1)

When the my task runs, i get this error:

7/5/2008 13:38:10.498)Source database connecting
7/5/2008 13:38:10.529)Connecting "Central"
7/5/2008 13:38:12.170)Connecting "Loja 1"
7/5/2008 13:38:13.716)Connecting "Loja 2"
7/5/2008 13:38:14.966)Connecting "Loja 3"
7/5/2008 13:38:16.216)Connecting "Loja 4"
7/5/2008 13:38:16.747)Disconnected "Central"
7/5/2008 13:38:16.747)List index out of bounds (1)

My task is set like this:
dbid = 1 schemaid = 1,2,3,4 groupid = 1 srcdbid = 1 tgtdbid = 2,3,4,5

What could it be?

String list problem

Probably bug in a string list but hardly reproducible. Use only one schemaid (tgtdbid) in task to simplify it.

Access Violation problem

Ok, using only one schema with only one target database it works.

Then I tried something diferent and I'm getting a different error.

28/5/2008 14:38:53.372)Cfg connected
28/5/2008 14:38:54.591)Source database connecting
28/5/2008 14:38:54.638)Connecting "Central"
28/5/2008 14:38:56.450)Connecting "Loja 1"
28/5/2008 14:38:58.091)Connecting "Loja 2"
28/5/2008 14:38:58.763)Disconnected "Central"
28/5/2008 14:38:58.778)Access violation at address 000D2824 in module 'IBReplServer.exe'. Read of address 0000000C
28/5/2008 14:38:59.778)Source database connecting
28/5/2008 14:38:59.825)Connecting "Central"
28/5/2008 14:39:00.357)Disconnected "Central"

This time, I'm using just one schema with 2 target databases in 2 groups (S). The task is set like this:

schemaid = 1 groupid = 1,2 srcdbid = 1 tgtdbid = 2,3

Thanks for any help.

RTL error

There is bug in Delphi 5 RTL when hanhling exceptions in multi-threaded application so I recompiled latest release in Delphi 7. I helps here on my machine but seems the problem persists. But the "Access vialotion" was caused by a common error (bad password or so) which is not reported but generates access vialotion. Is used multithreaded replication? You can disable it and look if an error will be reported.

Not using multithreaded repl

I'm not using multithreaded replication, and I can assure you that all the user names and passwords are correct.

I have tested with separated tasks like this:

schemaid=1 groupid=1 srcdbid=1 tgtdbid=2
schemaid=1 groupid=2 srcdbid=1 tgtdbid=3

and worked! :)

But if I put the two target databases in the same task, it reports the Access Violation error. :(

Thanks again

Task for debugger

Send me ibrepl.ini, config database (and if you have an empty/testing source/target database) and i'll run it in debugger to find problem. Tomas


Fixed in v.2.0.23