One way Replication N to 1


Im new to Interbase replicator, im doing One way replication N to 1 that is N source databases to 1 target database. However, the tables in the target database contains 1 more field compared to the source database. The field is call ProdLine which is to identify 1-N source databases in the target database. For instance, for source database 1 will be identified by ProdLine = 1 at the target database, source database 2 the prodline = 2.

Is it still possible to do the replication ? Please advise. Is there any special setting i need to set in interbase replication manager ?

Another question,
what is create system object for ? i tried to create system object at Group(S) it fails gives me error:
"unsuccessul metadata update keysize too big for index RDB$Primary10"

i tried to create system object at Group(T) it fails and gives me error:
unable to complete network request for host "server."
my target database is in a remote location: server:\\CPQ26792268802/BTrekData/BTREKML.GDB
anything wrong with my path ?


Add field in source table

In your case I would prefer to add new field to your source database identifying database, you can fill it using pre insert trigger for example. Maybe you could create source stored proc based on table and adding one field but it probably brings more harm than good.

Probably a field is too wide to create an index based on them. IbreplMan->Config.database->Settings->Log->LogSQLCmds & Verbose log should help you identify which SQL command error is related to.

Are you sure such a cryptografic path server:\CPQ26792268802/BTrekData/BTREKML.GDB does exist at your remote server ?