Speed Concern and Question about Source

I have a two way replication between to identical Databases: C: -> D: and D: -> C:. The replication is very slow compared to IBPhoenix IBReplicator. I have tried multiple threaded and non-multithreaded with the same result. How can I get greater speed out of your product ?

Also, if we by the enterprise edition, do we get all the source to the Server and Manager?



REPL$LOG2 stored proc

There is performance problem if you are replicating more schemes in one step or using "target replication". It's caused by "select * from REPL$LOG2(null,null) where ...". IB/FB does not support array stored proc params so I'm going to pass them via extra table. It's possible profile SQL commands using http://www.2p.cz/en/interbase_sql_monitor to see where is bug.

Yes enterprise edition contains full sources.