How to work on Nokia 6233

I use nokia 6233, when i run Boomerang GSMX Library with Visual Basic 6, it doesn't work
The error " ERROR Was Returned on AT command : AT+WIND = 12"

My Coding in VB6
Private Sub cmdOpen_Click()
GSMX1.BaudRate = br115200
GSMX1.DeviceName = "COM3"
GSMX1.Equipment = eqFasttrack ---> the error part, work if i use with itegno 3000 gsm modem but not in 6233
GSMX1.SMSFormat = smsfText
GSMX1.SCA = "+62818445009"
GSMX1.Active = True
GSMX1_OnBusyChanged False
GSMX1_OnNetworkRegistration 0
End Sub

Can u help me, how i can run library with nokia 6233, cause Nokia 6233 not in your list
Thanks for your attention


AT+WIND is proprietary command of Wavecom AT command set unsupported by Nokia, Siemens, etc. Use different equipment probably a eqNokiaxxx.

Still Can not


Thank for your respon for my question, in your list, just already (for Nokia) eqNokia6210, eqNokia6650, eqNokia9110

If if i choose eqNokia6210 then will error "ERROR Was Returned on AT command : AT+CREG?"

If if i choose eqNokia6650 then will error "ERROR Was Returned on AT command : AT+CREG?"

If if i choose eqNokia9110 then will error "ERROR Was Returned on AT command : AT+CPMS?"

I have tried all, but still error, can you give solution for me,so it will work? Thanks Your for attention

AT+CREG supported?

Maybe somebody had similar problem and this modem does not support AT+CREG anyway. You can check documentation or check it manually in modem log. If it's not supported it problem, I don't see any clear solution in sources.