Problem in setup


I'm Marcelo, webmaster of a brazilian government health institute. We are considering this tool (IBreplicator suite) to our replication needs but I'm getting errors during setup.

The error message says:
cannot find an entry point for procedure RtlDuplicateUnicodeString in library ntdll.dll

It appears to be some compatibility issue, or missing requirement. I'm trying to install it on a Windows 2000 SP4 machine with 1GB ram. This machine is weekly updated via Windows update, etc, etc.

Some useful info:
NTDLL.DLL version: 5.0.2195.7006

Installer info:

I've also noticed the exactly same error occur when I inspect the installer properties and click on the 'summary' tab.

Any hints?

W2000 SP4 problem

It seems like common problem W2000 SP4. See

Problem solved, thanks a

Problem solved, thanks a lot!