how to run multiple tasks simultaneously?

I have two separate databases located on one server and i need to replicate these two databases to a second and a third server. I setup the schema using 4 different Repl_user (REPL1, REPL2,REPL3 and REPL4)and i then setup 4 tasks to run each schema. I have selected to run the tasks continuously by unticking the "Disable timer & event" in the Scheduler. My problem is the tasks only run ONE AT A TIME. How can i configure them to run ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Multi-threading replication

There are File/Settings/Appereance/Multi-threading replication+Max.repl.threads options in IBReplServer. It's works also in IBReplServerSvc. More instances of IBReplc may be used as well.

Note that none of databases cannot be on local server. Use "localhost:" prefix instead. See help file.