lock conflict problems


I have IB Replicator 2.0 build 5.1 running one way 1-to-4 database replication, but replicating only 2 tables.

The problem is:
These 2 tables on the 4 target databases receive updates from other programs and constantly I get the error:

lock conflict on no wait transaction
update conflicts with concurrent update

It started after the IBReplication began to work.
Why do I get these erros? Does IBReplication require exclusive access on target tables?

Thanks for any help!


Both the replicator and other program may try to update the same rows. The replicator does commit retaining as soon as record is updated. Try to sniff which table causes it, check if there is not long time between update and commit in your application.

You can also set to be updated only changed fields but it shoudn't help because Firebird probably lock all row.