Cant send a simple SMS


I'm working on new project which is a simple SMS Outlook alike program which will send SMS over GSM phone or modem with usefull features such groups, autoresponder, priority, etc.

The program is to give away to our customers and potential customers for promotion.

After the introduction let me tell you what's hapening to me:

I just cant send a simple SMS thru mi cell phone.

The problem is that the component isnt capable of sending AT commands to the port where phone is listening.

I can send SMS thru Gnokii's command line utility but not with boomerang.

My phone is a Sony Ericsson T637 connected via blue thooth to my laptop. Yes, I known that I cant receive SMS with this phone but at least I want to send SMS thru Delphi using boomerang.

I'm evaluating boomerang because our software should suppor PND and TEXT messages and various mobile phone brands and models and if boomeran do can do the work we will purchase it.


check serial port if

  1. check serial port if set correct COMx
  2. check baud rate, common mistake (no respose on ATE1 command)
  3. try some AT command manually (e.g.AT) from GSMCenter modem log