Nokia Cardphone 2.0 pcmcia

Is Nokia Cardphone 2.0 supported by Boomerang library? When I try to send message using Nokia 9110 modem type, I'm getting the "ERROR was returned on AT command: AT+CPMS?" error. When I try to use Nokia 6210 or 6650 I'm getting the "ERROR was returned on AT command: AT+CREG?".

Any ideas?



Check AT+CREG manually

I've never tested it. It does not seems probable that AT+CREG? is unsupported. Try to enter it manually or look in AT command documentation.

Note: Are you sure you setup COMx port to port provided by Nokia card?


Unfortunately, I could not

Unfortunately, I am unable check AT+CREG? manually because I have not got such device either. One of our clients complained, that our program (that uses Boomerang Library) could not send SMS through Nokia Cardphone and returned foregoing Errors. I suggested him to use HyperTerminal to check it out, but still have not recieved any answer from him.

Thank you.