Deploy key in Delphi 8

The boomerang software is great, but I need to run on other computers. I have the Deploy key, but I can’t import it. I’m using Delphi 8 with .NET Framework (I must use that) but seems to me that your dll library (I have the latest one) doesn’t contain the Deploy Key button, so please send me to my mail the dll library with this button or send me the complete guide with steps on how to include the deploy key.

Delphi 8

I'm afraid Delphi 8 .NET is not fully supported because it has too buggy implementation of strings when running on non US Windows. But generally you can copy content of deploy key in windows\boomerang.key or if you need deploy application just assign key value to RegDeployKey.

  RegDeployKey:= '23456ABE778............';