Offline replication, FTP server

Q: Where and how the FTP process multi site sync. The Replication server does not have a FTP server or Email server so how can then receive file to sync? And where to I put the IP address and port number and other information for it to sign. When the file is send to the server how will it know it time to sync. Is there a function that we will have to call to start the sync process. Example if I use my own FTP server when the file is receive I could start what to have the sync process happen?

A: The Replicator behaves as FTP/email client. There are many FTP servers, if you need it for Windows then FileZilla is good one. IBReplicator is configured in "IBReplMan/Group (T)/Edit/Offline".


There is no trigger initialized by FTP but every replication server can periodically do replication, i.e. check if there are some packages. Depends how quickly you need data to be replicated, one per hour, every 5 minute, ....