Replication or synchronization

Q: I want to use your ib-replicator to do a synchronization between 2 firebird databases but i have some problems of understanding in configuration your software. I have two databases connected in two offices connected by VPN.

I dont know how i have to configure your ib-replicator for a online (or offline) synchronization of this two databases. I used your guide and tried it but the first trouble I got was the definition of the schema. the second the definition of the group and so on

A: First you should decide if you want online or offline replication (and probably no synchronization). If connection is reliable and you need data as online as possible then use online options. Next decide what tables are to be replicated not to conflict changes (ID, ...).

Q: I need a synchronization because on both databases where made changes. I think the best way is a offline synchronization once a day (at midnight).

A: It seems the best should be online replication. Synchronization is possible but if your databases contain lot of records it takes a lot of time because replicator must loop all records (while not EOF) and compare to opposite side (constraint security problems). Replication uses that changes are logged into replication log and replicates only changes. Depends on number of records and bandwidth of VPN.