Replication of four servers

Q: I currently have two database servers located at two different locations. I have a 1MB connection between the two sites (tcp/ip). It is quite possible that in the future there will be 4 database servers located at four different locations.

I would like to intall Firebird as the database server at all 4 locations. What I need to do is replicate the servers so that whatever is entered at server 1, is available at the other 3 locations within a reasonable amount of time (for example 1 hour), whatever is entered at server 2 becomes available to the other 3 servers, etc....

In other words, I need to have the four (4) database servers contain the exact same information. Is this possible?

A: Yes it's possible. Four 1-to-4 replication schemas are your solution. 4 replication servers running each of them must use different replication user (REPL_A, REPL_B, ...). You must set up distributed IDs in you database.

The only problem is if the same records are changed in 2 databases in the same time. What to do?

For transaction history is perfect replication to log file (sequence of INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE commands).

Look in documentation