How many Interbase licences required

Interbase Replication Server uses one persistent connection to configuration database. Each running task takes at least one connection to target/source database and, if multithreading is activated then one connection to configuration database per thread. If online replication is performed then connection to target is established. If "Replicate On Event" feature is activated then next permanent connection to source database is required.


Source and configuration database controled by Server_A, target databases by Server_Bs. Replication server controls 10 task, multi-threading is enabled.

  • 1 connection to config database (Server_A)
  • 10x(1+1) connections to config and source databases (Server_A)
  • 10x connections to target databases (Server_Bs)

Server_A requires in the worst case 23 licenses. Server_Bs 1 licence per server.

Note when multithreading is disabled replication server serializes replication process hence only 2 licenses are required for Server_A

How to limit number of required Interbase licences

  • do not use multi-threading
  • set "Repl.Server/File/Settings/Appearance/Max.Repl.Threads" to limit number of threads running simultaneously
  • do not use "Replicate On Event" feature