Scheduler problem, replication doesn't start

Q: The replication works but just mannualy, when I push the button "Run". If I set cron pattern to 0-59 (that means every minute I understood ), the execution of replication is made every second and I can't setup it for every minute (or every 10 minutes) as I want. (I tried /10 - for every 10 minutes ) and it doesn't work.

A: Cron says when replication can run. Interval is time that must elapse than next replication can start. If you need run every 10 minutes you can set cron to "* * * * *" and interval to "10m". If you need for example run every 10min during working hours in weekdays only "* 8-16 * * 1-5" (or "* 8-23 * * 1-7" :-) ) and interval to "10m".