Maximum SMS rate

  1. What is the maximum rate of sending SMS's?
  2. Can you supply a generic modem setup? I am using software currently that can talk to any modem by selecting generic type from the device type. This option use the basic AT commands and not any device specific commands. Your software for example does not work with the Falcom Swing modem that I am currently using.



  1. maximum rate strongly depends on used modem, firmware version, baud rate, if you need mix submit and deliver messages. The key item is robustness of modem firmware.
  2. Unfortunately there is no generic AT command set. GSM specification does exist, of course, but implementations do conform to it weakly. There is generally different behaviour in corresponding situations (timing, respomses). I think that Falcom is a Wavecom clone. You can try eqWavecom or eqFastTrack equipment type. BTW Wavecom's AT+WIND command is perfect example of incompatability. If none of them does not work it's possible implement support to it (by yourself of by myself).