Long text messages concatanation

Q: I am using a Siemens TC35 device. The issue I have is that everytime I send an SMS larger than 160 xters to the device that's attached to my computer (serial to boomerang) the system seems to receive binary format. If I keep it to 160 or less, it seems to receive sms in the normal text format.

How do I detect that SMS has been received in binary so I can convert? What's the function for converting binary to normal text? Please kindly give me some code samply on how I can convert the split binary messages into text before I save them in my database.

A: Max.length of text text message is 160 character. Is message length exceeds it's in gsmexample splitted and sent as more binary messages. See FAQ. Binary/text format information is in TSMS.DCS field, see GSM specification. Generally I don't recommend using long (>160) charecter messages because they are not supported in all phones. You can also use Unicode message - it's binary 2byte message max. length 70 characters. Delivered messages you must concatenate similar as pictures. It's EMS. There are "protocol" classes in XSMS unit. Incomming messages are passed to "protocol" class that returns complete messages when concatenated sucesfully.