ITegno 3000: pictures

Q: We have tried GSM Center for Windows using GSM Modem ITegno 3000, it has been connected successfully using Wavecom FastTrack option (because there is no ITegno 3000 option), it can send SMS correctly, but when we tried to send picture, there is an error message: +CMS Error:302 "Operation not allowed" was returned on AT command AT+CSMP=97,,0,246.

Our questions are:

  1. does the product support ITegno 3000 GSM Modem for sending picture message?
  2. is there any example how to use the library in VB environment? We are about trying GSM.ocx in VB but there is no guidance/documentation regarding the OCX.



  1. see in modem documentation, probably it should support (binary message with UDHI)
  2. you can download at which contains demo application delphi\GSMClientX.xls written in VBA (of Excel)

Unfortunately OCX is not in Lite version but in Boomerang Standard.