How to send ringtones/melodies

Q: Can you give me a example how to send a mono ringtone to a other cellphone. Cause the examples in the tutorial are nor working with new components. And how can i transfer polyphonic ringtones ? With waplink or what do you suggest.

A: GSM_Example (GSM central) knows both: mono:(Kind=SmartMessage|EMS,Type=Melody), poly: (Kind=WAPPush, Type=Serviceload).

Q: Is there any special to send wap push to nokia phones? Cause it works with siemens, sony-ericcson.. But not with nokia.

A: WAPPush is in fact EMS (not SmartMessage) but I checked it succesfully on N6600 in the past. The best way try to catch a working WapPush comming to Nokia, debug it and compare what is different.