SCA as first octen in PDU

Q: How can i set the PDU with the first octet (the two initial zeros) (Length of SMSC information)? Because I cannot send one SMS using the Boomerang component in my Multitech Modem

This is the PDU that the component Sent (doesn't work)


This is the PDU that works


Which class property i must to set? Which value?

A: There is function TGSM.SCAinPDU(). If returns true then #0 is included in front of PDU.

function TGSM.SCAinPDU;
  Result:= FEquipment in [eqA1, eqM20, eqGM12, eqM35, eqS25, eqTC35, eqT260, eqNokia6210, eqNokia6650, eqFasttrack];


function TSMSDeliver.EncodePDU; begin if (GSM = nil) or GSM.SCAinPDU then Result:= TChar(#0) { SCA number - default } else Result:= ; ...