Delphi error: GSM.PAS not found

GSM.PAS source code is not included in for free distribution. There is its interface part only, i.e. GSM.INT. There are included compiled GSM.DCU units. It's necessary to say to compiler where can be found.

GSM.PAS not found error

Sorry,i mean i have followed all the steps but i am still not succesfull ,is there a eaiser way of using this components ,can any one help me


Can you please give instructions on how to do it?

Delphi IDE problem

Delphi IDE does not require sources if there is compiled DCU file, i.e. gsm.dcu, in path set in configuration. If an error happen in runtime then error message is raised .. source file cannot be found, but it's only "cosmetic" error which disallow debugging but not function itself. BTW that's the reason I personally never use any library without full sources for my own development.

If IDE cannot find correct gsm.dcu (or .pas) when compiling then error is also raised. The reason may be DCU in bad location or DCU compiled for different Delphi version.

RE:Delphi IDE Problem

Hi,Can you please explain the step by step on how to this library working?

Sorry I included the .dcu in the search path but still comes with error ,asking me to specify the path to the source file.

i am using the version i downloaded from your website 5.11a