Inaccessable ATAPI ZIP drive in Windows 98 with SCSI

Win 98

IOMega ZIP 100

After installing internal ATAPI ZIP drive when try to access then error erected "Disk in drive X is not formatted" (disc was formatted, of course). But when windows try to format it - they say that ZIP have capacity 400MB. Under Win95 it worked OK and also under DOS using GUEST.EXE.

Computer had boot SCSI disc and EIDE primary master disc (switched off in BIOS to not to boot from it). Motherboard Gigabyte GA-586ATS, SCSI Diamond Fireport 40. There were Bus mastering Intel 82430FX miniport drivers (ideatapi.mpd) for IDE.

Problem was that Windows did not recognize disc topology (num of sectors, sector size, ..) in ideatapi.mpd. Find key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/control/Services/Class/hdc and value coresponding to secondary driver (where is ZIP) - probably 0002 and change value of PortDrive from "ideatapi.mpd" to "ESDI_506.pdr". Reboot.