How activate "Fast Web View" options

Ghost script


PDF document that has been generated by Ghostscript has not got Fast Web View feature activated. This feature is also known as linearized or optimized PDF.

In Ghostscript (>6.20?) does exist Ghost\gs8.14\lib\pdfopt.bat batch that optimizes already existing PDF document.

Note that in Ghost\gs8.14\lib\gssetgs.bat must be configured correct Ghostscript pathes.

Example script pdfopt_self.bat that will optimize a PDF file that can be executed for example from Total Commander start menu using %P%N parameters:

@echo off
if "%~x1/" == ".pdf/" goto doit
if "%~x1/" == ".PDF/" goto doit
if "%~x1/" == ".Pdf/" goto doit
echo File name is not a PDF file %1
exit /B
echo Processing %1
d: cd "d:\Program Files\Ghost\gs8.14\lib" copy %1 "%TEMP%\%~n1.tmp" call pdfopt.bat "%TEMP%\%~n1.tmp" %1