IBReplicator 2.0

Extensive replication tools for Interbase/Firebird databases. Online, offline replication, synchronization, NT service, visual manager, SDK, examples etc.

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ibreplicator_2.0.build_17.1.i386.tar.gz3.57 MB2006-10-29 02:44
ibreplicator_2.0.build_10.1.i386.tar.gz3.5 MB2006-05-04 08:45 MB2008-01-21 20:21 MB2007-10-20 17:05 MB2006-12-06 14:58 MB2011-10-03 22:58 MB2008-07-14 13:11 MB2010-05-26 07:52

IBReplicator sources

Full source code of Interbase Replication Suite 2

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ibrepl_db.zip204.12 KB2006-05-04 08:49
Demo config database for different replication scenarios