IB Browser

Interbase browser is simple browser of Interbase databases. Connecting is done using Interbase express library. Interbase client (or server) installation is required. There is possible to set browser as default viewer of files with *.GDB extension.


  • table browsing (including system tables) and editing
  • sort using indexis or any field
  • searching on current index or any field
  • searching using wildcards
  • memo field browsing and editing
  • refresh, including restart transaction
  • show/hide fields
  • mass fill operations (numeric series, the same values)
  • table layout saving in database session
  • more open tables in separate transaction
  • default values assigning on new record
  • table export into CSV (semicolon delimited) or TAB delimited

All function are available using pop-up menu (right button). Field column click switches on searching on this field, doubleclick makes sort (ORDER BY) by this field. Wildcard search is through "Search" command. Searched string fex. "mouse,*mouse,mouse*,*mouse*". Searching is stopped by "Enter".

Transaction is restarted when table is closed and reopened or by clicking "Refresh" item at the toolbar.

IB Browser

Simple Interbase database browser, index sorting, searching, etc. Connect is made using Interbase express.

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