Lost of attached files in email



When sending email from Outlook 2000 (version doesn't matter) using linux SMTP server (Sendmail 8.7.3) from time to time happened that addresee received email without attached files. Detail checking of received mails says that Sendmail recognizes some email part ("------") as end of MIME section and that correct end of section was ignored.

Symantec Winfax macro installation for czech WinWord

Win 9x/NT/2000

Microsoft WinWord 97/2000, Symantec Winfax

There is a macro for english WinWord in english WinFax. This template is pointed for czech Word. Open template and allow macro execution. New items we'll be added to menu and tool bar for faxmerging. Merge Word database is then used for faxmerging (not some phonebook), select key items (fax number) using special style wfx... and WinFax will use these numbers for dialing.

Majordomus installation into sendmail



  1. download rpm package, e.g. from
  2. install rpm -i majordomo-1.94.1-4.i386.rpm. Program is installed into /usr/lib/majordomo/, /usr/man/majordomo/, /usr/doc/majordomo/
  3. create group "majordom", user "majordom" (adduser majordom) and directories according to /etc/ (/var/lib/majordomo/archive, /var/lib/majordomo/digest, /var/lib/majordomo/lists,/var/log/majordomo), file /var/log/majordomo/majordomo.log (touch /var/log/majordomo/majordomo.log)
  4. Change owner all of these files majordom/majordom. chmod /usr/lib/majordomo (770), /var/lib/majordomo (750), /var/lib/majordomo/lists (770!), /var/lib/majordomo/archive (770!), /var/lib/majordomo/digest (770), /var/log/majordomo (774)
  5. change sendmail alias list in /etc/aliases

External dBase table error


Microsoft Access, MS Jet

When connecting external dBase tables in MS Access, be patient of index files. As far as they are files and indices used e.g. by IDAPI and now is this table used in MS Access e.g. for report or query, then problem errects. MS Access (MS Jet) have other sort table than IDAPI. This table is impossible (I don't know how) to control. If MS Access desides from some reason (automatically recognizes index or sort is required) to use index from MDX file, fetches and navigates in the table using either MDX and internal sort table. When there is different order, simply skips records.