Cannot write large files to ATAPI IOMEGA 100MB ZIP

Win 98

IOMega ZIP 100

After installing internal ATAPI ZIP (common IDE) to motherboard ABIT KT7A-RAID ZIP seems to be everything OK, is was possible to read from ZIP any file but when I tried write to ZIP a larger file, file system collapsed and PC hang up. There was also impossible to format ZIP media (it collapsed at 10%). The same problem was in Linux, kernel 2.4.7.

Dual boot installation - Linux+VMWare+virtual Windows 98



Here is described complete installation of new PC for dual boot.
First possibility boot native linux and from him execute VMWare
and Windows 98, second one boot directly into Windows 98.
Windows 98 will be installed only once (on the same disc).
Installed programs use the same configuration doesn't matter from
which boot was installed.

How to install internal PnP ISA modem



Installed PNP ISA modem was not recognized by system. Problem was in port conflict - PNP port x other ports. (The similar problem is also in Windows where modem cannot share IRQ3-4 with other ports. It's necessary to use manual configuration and assign IRQ5).

Kylix problem solution




Error in Kylix installation script (K1?)

Instllation program raises exception telling that some files already exist. Problem is inside binary install script that executes rpm with bad parameters. Solution: setupdata/bin/setup -m

Kylix3 @ FC5

Cannot disable hotkey in Start menu

Win 98



After hotkey setting of a DOS program (via PIF) it's impossible to disable this hotkey (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+F12). The key remains active, even after system restart. Solution: delete hidden file » 167 comments | read more | 6960 reads

FTP support installation




To enable FTP module support in PHP3:
  • download PHP3
  • untar "tar -xf php-3_0_16.tar"
  • install RPM for apache (

Preparation of magnetooptics to be used on Netware server

Novel Netware 4.x


Before mounting "mount opti_xxx" it's necessary to create partition:
  1. exec install "load install"
  2. command "Disk Option/Modify disk partition/Deltris" (Deltris is drive name)
  3. Initialize partition Yes
  4. Create netware disk partition
  5. Volume option
  6. press Ins - Add/View/Modify volume option
  7. item Free space 215MB
  8. Make this segment a new volume
  9. name OPTI
  10. OPTI status new volume - while not saved
  11. press Esc - Save changes - Yes
  12. Enter supervisor password
  13. OK

How to change personal folders *.pst

Win 9x/NT/2000



If is necessary to change primary "Personal folders" delete in registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Microsoft Outlook all key key containing old folder name (also in binary keys). After next start Outlook shortcuts are regenerated.

Inaccessable ATAPI ZIP drive in Windows 98 with SCSI

Win 98

IOMega ZIP 100

After installing internal ATAPI ZIP drive when try to access then error erected "Disk in drive X is not formatted" (disc was formatted, of course). But when windows try to format it - they say that ZIP have capacity 400MB. Under Win95 it worked OK and also under DOS using GUEST.EXE.

Cannot execute ActiveX

Windows NT 4.0


After some (unknown) software installation it's impossible to browse some pages and to display help. Installed ActiveX cannot be executed. System behaves as when in "Local computer" zone is ActiveX forbidden.