Cannot attach to SQL server



When connecting to remote Firebird (Linux) server from IBConsole, server returns an error "Cannot attach to services manager. Services functionality will be supported in a later version of the product". Due this error it is impossible to add/modify database users.

Unrecognized inserted medium

Yamaha 2200E


After inserting CDR Ritec/Ricoh in drive, CDR drive is quiet - CDR isn't spinning. Problem is in Yamaha firmware (1.0C). Flash newer firmware (1.0E).

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Not enough memory to run MSDOS program

Win 98



After incresing RAM from 256MB to 768MB it is not possible to execute MSDOS programs: Not enough memory....

Virtual memory manager of protected mode allocates too much memory pool for its address list.

Login to mySQL error



Error Connection closed by host was always immediately returned when connecting into remote mySQL database running at Debian linux. Reason was that normal and reversal DNS entry of IP of client computer/net was different. Debian is sensitive on this feature.

Cannot open mail EXE,.. attachments

Win 9x/NT/2000



There is implemented in Outlook 2002 protection avoiding potencial risk of attached executable programs or scripts, Level1 security. Inserting of key in registry enables list of extensions:


Hooking problem, random crashes

Win 98 SE

nView 2.0

Behaviour of Windows was unstable, from time to time some program crashed, alone or with windows. E.g. mouse move in CHARMAP.EXE causes program crash, in WINPOPUP.EXE Windows crash, some installation programs erect "blue window" and TWAIN scanner driver opens system modal error window. Problem is in nVidia desktop extension - nView.

How to burn CD-R


CD recording

  • ISO preparation: mkisofs
  • Recording ISO to CD-R: cdrecord
  • Mount ISO as disc: mount xx xx -o loop

Database restore



Backup database using:

GBAK -B -v -y DB-BAK.LOG DB.GDB DB.GBK -u SYSDBA -password ****

and restore it using:

GBAK -c -v -y DB-RES.LOG DB.GBK DB.GDB -u SYSDBA -password ****

Own source code browser/editor

Win 9x/NT/2000

Microsoft Internet Explorer

There is not allowed in MSIE user settings of external source code browser/editor. Default is NOTEPAD.EXE where is famous 64kB file size limitation.

Browse is possible to change using parameter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor\Editor Name. Problem comes when your editor don't know how to open long file name containing spaces. MSIE cancatenates key value and name of file. E.g. Programmers File Editor takes spaces as field delimiter and tries open more files. IE6 works fine and wrapper cannot be used.

Corrupted system\COMCTL32.DLL



Random errors in shared objects, e.g. mouse moving over desktop raises exception. Causes due change in COMCTL32.DLL file. The file had equal size and date but part of then was overwritten by garbage (probably when system crashes). Find original file on installation floppy (CD) and rewrite it (probably IE or Windows).