DB (IDAPI) Browser

DBBrowser is simple browser for IDAPI databases and tables. Also IDAPI installation is required. Then is possible to set the browser as default dBase (*.DBF) and Paradox (*.DB) file viewer.


  • database browsing and editing
  • sort using indexis
  • searching on current index (fast)
  • searching string in field scope. Wild card asterisk is implemented (slow)
  • multiple instances
  • memo field browsing and editing
  • refresh
  • show undelete records
  • undelete
  • show/hide fields
  • mass fill operations (numeric series, the same values)
  • read-only table browsing

All function are available using pop-up menu (right button). Wildcard search is through "Search" command. Searched string fex. "mouse,*mouse,mouse*,*mouse*". Searching is stopped by "Enter".


Simple database/table browser, viewing, sorting, searching, etc. Connecting using 16-bit IDAPI.

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