Boomerang -vs- Lazarus FPC


i have develop a nice tool with the boomerang library. now i want to switch to Lazerus. can i use the boomerang lib in lazarus? of course, i need the source to recompile it, but it is possible without big problems?

greez & thx,


It will require probably some modifications, at least IFDEFs. FPC support is on my TODO list rather long time. Tomas

okay, i realy need FPC

i realy need FPC support and want to buy the TGSM/TSMS source-code. can you garantee the FPC support ?

and i need 64bit support... it is possible ?

thx, sky...

No, I cannot guarantee FPC

No, I cannot guarantee FPC support when I've not yet implemented FPC support. It will require at least some effort. Tomas

64bit ?

is the source code 64bit compatible ?

i would implement the FPC support by my own, so i can buy the source of the half price ?

thx, sky...

Online payment

Online payment does not support "custom" price, i.e.half price is not possible.

another option ?

maybe i can pay it directly to your bank/paypal ? and you send me the source by email ? we will find a way...