Compiling on Kernels 2.6.16, 2.6.18 and 2.6.20 fails


since a few days I tried to compile this great idea called netfilter-rtpproxy into my kernel. So here is a short report to give u an idea what I did and to get a quick help from u.

For all kernels I used "patch-o-matic-ng-20080521.tar.bz2" and "netfilter-rtpproxy.0.3.tgz". I extracted "netfilter-rtpproxy.0.3.tgz" into patch-o-matic/patchlets directory and executed "./runme netfilter-RTPPROXY". This causes an error, which says that in "/usr/src/linux/net/netfilter/Makefile" is no slot available to add "patchlets/netfilter-RTPPROXY/linux-2.6/net/netfilter/Makefile.ladd" content. In all kernel sources I had to add "obj-$(CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_RTPPROXY) += xt_RTPPROXY.o" into "/usr/src/linux/net/netfilter/Makefile" manually. After that runme seemed to apply the patch.

For each Kernel version I had to do a "chmod 755 /usr/src/iptables/extensions/.RTPPROXY-test" to remove a little error during iptables compliation.

It was quite hard to find/activate RTP-Proxy Module in kernel's menuconfig vor kernels


There was missing "#targets" in Makefile.ladd (or line where to put new line). Patching works diferently than I expected. But the same problem have all projects in patch-o-matic-ng directory used as template for my module.

I agree it's very hard to find in menuconfig but it's problem of menuconfig dependencies. I think xmenuconfig at least displays disabled list items instead of hidden ones in menuconfig.

Currently I'm going to ready to compilation in newer kernels 2.6.18-25 in netfilter-rtpproxy.0.4.tgz.

Thanks for support