Replication to empty target database

I installed Replication Manager and server
I configured an replication schema (online) according to guide from your web page
Replication works fine when I add or edit an record in source database

I tried to configure source database with many records stored and an empty target database with the same structure as source one
I expected that all records from source database will be inserted to empty target database but it did not happen
I need such configuration for initial replication (I can not stop server to copy working database – replication is needed for backup).
Can anybooy explain what settings should be done to achieve it.

P.S. I tried to mark field “Allow insert/ update mangling” and it did not helped



Replication / Synchronization

Replication replicates changes, it does not help. But you can clone source database in IBReplMan, it's limitation (in Interbase SDK) if you need create database at remote disk. You can clone empty or full database. It should be equivalent to copy GDB/FDB file without replication objects.

There is more sophisticated method called synchronization. It enables also resync when some changes are lost.

If you need setup ońly one time I suggest clone database is good option. You can eg. setup temporarily target database as database located at locat disk, do cloning, revert changes and do file transfer (disk, FTP, email, etc.) of fresh database to target location.



I changed replication task to synchronize.
Unfortunately nothing happened. I mean that no single record form source database (witch data) was inserted into target database (empty)

Should I do any other definitions in replication server task or replication manager to make it work ?

P.S. By the way I tried to obtain temporary activation key to see how cloning works (it works only in professional version and I am testing free standard version). I used online registration but no activation key was send by email (I am sure that my email address is ncorrect)

Thanks in advance



Synchronization is more difficult to setup. Replication setup is easy and straighforward but you should know what you do. Maybe for your purpose you can copy source database to target as plain file copy.

Registration works, I resent key via plain email to your address.